The QORTector Gen 2 Series

The QORTector Gen 2 Series systems are based on the Raspberry Pi 4 Single Board Computer, and comes in 2 styles. The original QORTector Gen 2, and the QORTector-KB.

They are both essentially the same hardware, just in a different overall format. With the KB being built into a keyboard, and coming with a mouse. Both are FULL DESKTOP computers, and do not rely upon another computer in order to function.


Existing Hardware Available at CHD

The products below are the existing options available at CHD. Future products are on the way, including the QORTector Gen 3 with customizable storage and wifi options, and a merchandise store with customizable printed clothing.

QORTector Gen 2

The original QORTector device, Generation 2. Comes with 8GB of RAM.


The QORTector-KB, same hardware as the QORTector Gen 2, but with 4GB of RAM and built into a Keyboard.

QORTector case

If you would like to build your own QORTector, and would like to have our custom case, you can buy one from us.


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