CHD Custom Laptop – HP Elitebook 850 G3 – i7 6th Gen 6600U – 24GB DDR4 – 256GB m.2 SATA SSD


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Customized Laptop – HP Elitebook 850 G3

This is a customized HP Elitebook 850 G3 Workstation – VERY nice and fast machine, 15.6″ FHD 1080P display, perfect for work/school and of course Qortal!

This machine has a back lit keyboard, newer wifi and bluetooth, and a 1080P FHD display. It runs quite nicely. Silver in color and big bright display.

Machine would make a great desktop replacement, and is still thin and light especially for 15.6″ display.

*Machine has a couple areas of plastic damage, not noticeable, and does not cause any issues. Works perfectly. Professionally cleaned, upgraded, and refurbished.

Hardware Specifications

Screen Size – 15.6″ display 1080P Full HD (1920×1080 resolutiion)

CPU – Intel i7 6th Gen @2.6Ghz (6600U) – 4 compute threads.


Storage – 256GB SATA SSD – benchmarks quite fast.

  • 2xUSB 3.0 SS ports and USB-C port
  • VGA, and Display Port out
  • Gigabit LAN
  • 2x built-in mouse types
  • Fingerprint reader
  • TPM, Computrace, disabled in BIOS
  • SD card reader
  • FAST Wifi and Bluetooth
  • NEW battery
  • NEW Power Adapter
  • Headphone/Mic jack
  • back lit keyboard FULL SIZE with numpad
  • NEW Power Adapter with lighted tip
  • HD Webcam


Software / Operating System Details

All CHD Re-builds come with LINUX installed as the OS. Generally the Linux installation will be customized Ubuntu 22.04 with Cinnamon Desktop. The OS is configured to make it an EASY SWITCH from WINDOWS.

All CHD Machines are professionally cleaned, upgraded, and refurbished. Every machine comes with a MINIMUM of an SSD upgrade, most have RAM upgrades as well. All Machines are INDIVIDUALLY TESTED prior to shipping for at least 8 hours, and all hardware tested.

All systems have the ‘computrace’ tracking software disabled at the BIOS level (when possible), But even if computrace is not disabled at the BIOS level, installing linux makes Computrace useless, as it relies upon Windows-based rootkit software to function. as well as ‘Intel Management Engine’ disabled at the BIOS level (when possible). (These BIOS additions allow 3rd party access to the system, and therefore have been disabled by default whenever possible. Each system’s specifications will include details where necessary.)

Ubuntu Desktop has been CUSTOMIZED to ‘feel’ like Windows, for users switching from Windows, it should be a really nice and simple switch.

Theme customizations for ease of use, and clean visual appeal. Also modifications to other settings for ease of function and better overall feel.

Qortal Core and Qortal UI pre-installed, along with a startup configuration for the Qortal Core, so it will start automatically, and the Qortal Core icon will show on the taskbar. Default Qortal settings.

CHD’s own ‘auto-fix-qortal’ scripts setup to run automatically both at reboot and every 5 days at 1:01 AM, to ensure your Qortal software is always at the latest release, and if it isn’t, FIXES IT FOR YOU.

Power management customization to prevent machine from ‘sleeping’ so that Qortal Core can run without issues. Also configured to ‘do nothing’ when laptop lid is closed, to allow Qortal to keep running even while screen is closed.

Default Software Installed (much more than what is listed) (Special Requests Possible):

  • Audio/video player software – VLC media player (best media player and converter that exists in CHD opinion)
  • Open Office (Document, spreadsheet, database, presentation editor)
  • Chromium Browser (set to default browser) –  with hardware acceleration enabled – Firefox browser also installed. – Tor and/or I2P can be installed upon request.
  • GiMP image manipulation software (photoshop alternative)
  • Imagick (vector graphics editor)
  • Qortal Core and Qortal UI (including ‘launchers’ in the panel and on the desktop)
  • Qortal Core GUI auto-start
  • Qortal Automation Scripts to automatically recover node if Qortal Core happens to fall behind in release version. Just keeping machines running should keep node always good.
  • Everything you’ll need for home/office/school computer, and much more!
  • Any other open source software can be installed upon request. Make request when submitting order.


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