Laptop Walk-thru Video

We have created a great walk-thru video for setup of new CHD laptops.

You can watch the video HERE on Q-Blog.

Initial setup of CHD laptops

The initial setup of a CHD built laptop is very simple, the system has already been completely setup and configured to run Qortal, and fix itself automatically, so there is not much that the end user needs to do. However, the following steps are how to get logged in, and change the default password. Once you have done those two things, you’re basically good to go. This guide will also give some useful tips on using your CHD laptop.

Step 1Plug the laptop into power, and boot it up!
Step 2Once you reach the Ubuntu login screen, click the ‘qortal‘ user, and input default password dmax911e
Step 3Log in, and see the beautiful default customized desktop environment

Qortal Automation Details

CHD laptops are customized for you to be FULLY AUTOMATIC when it comes to Qortal. This means you should NEVER have to manually fix anything, start qortal, or mess around with any technical stuff. 

There is a script included on every laptop that runs 7 MIN AFTER STARTUP, and AT 1 AM EVERY 5 DAYS. This script will automatically check that Qortal is on the newest version, and update/bootstrap your machine if not. This means you should NEVER have to manually update Qortal on your machine. This also means that if there are any issues on your machine for whatever reason, and your machine falls behind in version, the computer will FIX ITSELF automatically. 

Essentially, all you need to remember, is that if there are any issues with Qortal, RESTART the computer, and WAIT. That’s it. The script will run after 7 min, and verify that you’re on the newest release of Qortal. If there are any issues on the network, the Qortal team will issue a new release, when that happens your machine will be aware of it when the script runs, update, and bootstrap your machine to ensure you’re on the correct chain. No actual effort from the end user (you) is required for this to take place. 

There is also a script on the desktop called ‘’ – this script is there so that if you do NOT see the Qortal icon on the taskbar for whatever reason, you can double-click that script on the desktop, and click ‘Run in Terminal’ and it will pop up a terminal and show the status. The script will automatically call ‘admin/status’ call to the Qortal API, and show the output, if it doesn’t show anything initially, just WAIT, and it will also tail the qortal log for you, and give you the details of what is currently going on with your Qortal Core.

Ultimately the goal here is that every user of a CHD laptop will not have to mess with anything technical to ensure their Qortal node is running as expected, on the newest version, and running correctly.

Changing the default password

To change the default password of the qortal account, simply LOG IN.

Once you have logged in, open the ‘terminal’ – there is a link for the terminal on the ‘panel’ – it looks like a little black rectangle – open the terminal.

Once the terminal is open, you will have a terminal window with a prompt

In the terminal, input the command passwd and push enter

it will then ask you for the ‘current password’ input dmax911e – note – you will NOT see any characters show up while you’re putting passwords into the terminal – this is a security feature and is typical behavior – simply type the password and push enter.

It will then ask you for a NEW password, put in whatever password you would like. It will then ask you to input the password again, do that.

That’s it, now you have CHANGED YOUR PASSWORD. Remember to USE THIS PASSWORD next time you login. To test this you can reboot the machine and login with the NEW password.