low-powered node hardware

Running a node doesn’t need to take massive amounts of power.

3D printing and design

CHD has fully In-house 3D design and printing.

Qortal blockchain tech

CHD is focused on hardware meant to run the Qortal Blockchain.

CHD’s Rebuilt Laptops are upgraded, secure, and extremely fast.

NEW – Hosted Qortal Nodes – have an always-on node!

2024 SALE  All Gen2 QORTectors – BIG SALE. 

Upgrades – CHD upgrade – Upgrade YOUR machine!

The QORTector Gen 2 Series

The QORTector Gen 2 Series systems are based on the Raspberry Pi 4 Single Board Computer, and comes in 2 styles. The original QORTector Gen 2, and the QORTector-KB.

They are both essentially the same hardware, just in a different overall format. With the KB being built into a keyboard, and coming with a mouse. Both are FULL DESKTOP computers, and do not rely upon another computer in order to function. However, it is recommended to use the QORTector as only a node and minter for best performance.

Your 5V QORT Minter

Want to mint on the innovative Qortal Blockchain? Don’t have a computer you keep on all the time? The QORTector is your solution. With only as much power as the typical smart phone charger, you can run your Qortal Minting computer all day Using QORTector as a ‘standalone minter’ is the recommended use case.

Full Desktop OS

To run the QORTector, all you need is a monitor/keyboard/mouse (or just a monitor in the case of the KB). The QORTector is a standalone computer with a full desktop Operating System. NOTE – Do not expect the QORTector to run as fast as an intel/AMD CPU, but it can be a full desktop computer.

Open Source Ideals

The QORTector, along with everything else built by CHD, adheres to the principles of Open Source Development. Everything we build has every piece available publicly. If you are someone who likes to tinker, we provide everything necessary to build your own device, down to the 3D printer files for our custom case.

Hardware Available from CHD

The products below are the existing options available at CHD. Future products are on the way, including the QORTector Gen 3 with customizable storage and wifi options, Hosted Qortal Nodes, and more services and hardware coming soon.

QORTector Gen 2

The original QORTector device, Generation 2. Comes with 8GB of RAM. The perfect low-powered Qortal Minting node.


The QORTector-KB is TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. It may be made available again in the near future.

QORTector case

If you would like to build your own QORTector, and would like to have our custom case, you can buy one from us.

Rebuilt Laptops

CHD is now offering rebuilt laptops as one of its services. Find the perfect laptop with customized Linux and Qortal pre-installed!

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