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The concept of donation subscriptions, is to ensure that the development of the Qortal Project has the funding it needs to continue, and that the infrastructure for critical components prior to everything being hosted on the Qortal Network continues to function.

There are multiple components of the Qortal Project that allow access from the internet. Things like the Qortal Gateway on, the bootstrap servers for automatic bootstrap creation and download (until this can be hosted on QDN in the future), and the various internet-accessible Qortal blockchain explorers. These internet-accessible machines will be helpful for people of the community for a while until the project has mobile support and fully functional lite nodes, and other additional features.

The ‘core nodes’ on, and also require monthly payments to remain active, and these nodes with very high peer count and 100% up-time, help to ensure the network stays stable. There are also multiple Qortal-hosted lite node servers for the supported ‘foreign coins’ that are internet-connected servers. The longer-term plans of Qortal will eventually make these internet-connected servers unnecessary, but until that happens they are a required portion of the project, and require maintenance, effort, time, and money to stay active.

To give some specific details, the infrastructure provided by crowetic alone costs around 500 dollars a month, and provides nearly 50 servers, with 90% of them being wholly Qortal focused. As time goes on a lot of these will be able to be replaced by moving the hosting of files and such over to QDN, but until then these are components to provide additional resources and simplicity to the Qortal network.

These things are some of the necessary components, but there is quite a lot else that goes into the development of a project like Qortal that most people may not consider. All of these things in the current world we live in, cost money to keep running.

Qortal development is of course another portion of the project that will continually need funding. The development of Qortal is wholly funded by the ‘DevFund’, an account that takes donations in QORT (and supported coins of Qortal) and utilizes those donations to support the developers building the Qortal platform. At the moment there are only 2 full time developers working on Qortal, but the plan is to get more of the existing devs who wish to work full time on the project, doing so. If we can obtain enough donation from the community, we could acquire more full time development and the project would be able to move a lot more quickly to its end results.

The Qortal network of course, is essentially unable to be stopped. However, the project will need continual development to ensure that it is able to scale, resolve any potential issues that pop up, and reach the remaining goals. In the world we live in, this cannot be done without being able to provide support to the people dedicating their time to building the platform.

As those who have been following the project for any amount of time realize, we have an AMAZING group of developers, and have been able to accomplish things people thought were ‘impossible’ even without full time help, or any real funding. Even this fact alone is incredible, and should demonstrate to the community the passion that resides in all of the people who currently put their effort into building Qortal.

With the latest releases of Q-Mail Threads, updates to Q-Blog, and Q-Shop, Qortal is well on the way to demonstrating how literally everything can be rebuilt in a completely secure, decentralized, distributed fashion. However, we must be able to continue to facilitate the development of new features and functionality, as well as provide support and fix issues within the network and community.

Until the value of the project starts being more actively reflected in the price of QORT, the assistance of the community with initiatives like this one, will be essential to the project’s overall success, and pace at which the next phases become completed. If you support the project’s goals, and believe in what the project is doing, we NEED YOUR HELP.

Click the button below to see the existing monthly support subscriptions, or reach out if you would like to donate in other amounts, or with hardware, purchases, or any other means. Thank you!

Qortal Donation Subscriptions

The subscription packages below are DONATION subscriptions that will be given 100% to Qortal development directly. Either by being converted to LTC then buying QORT for the DevFund, or directly paying any of the bills for the infrastructure that supports Qortal. Any and all contributions to these subscriptions are greatly appreciated.

CHD also pledges to support the supporters by giving random hardware, stickers, and other Qortal related components to the subscribers (if they wish to provide their shipping information) based on the length of time, and amount they subscribe for. This way it doesn’t have to be a complete ‘donation only’, but a way to get random gifts from CHD as well, based on your time subscribed, and amount paid overall.

NOTE – THE PRICES ARE IN USD, BUT THE PAYMENT SYSTEM SHOULD AUTO-CONVERT FROM MULTIPLE OTHER WORLDWIDE CURRENCIES. The system is setup to accept basically all of them, so it should work for anyone worldwide. 

Shipping address is not required for the subscription, as they are VIRTUAL. However, if you would like to be included in the ‘random CHD gifts’ being sent to people based on their contributions to the subscriptions, you will need to add an address in your account.

(Single ((one-time)) donations are also available now, click the button below, add to cart, then follow instructions on cart page.)

If you would like to do a larger subscription amount, and/or any other type of donation (donation of hardware, donation of purchases to assist, etc…) please reach out! 

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to assist the project!

You can email [email protected] or message on telegram to