CHD Tech Support

  • Did you purchase a machine from CHD? Not sure about Linux yet? Need some assistance? This subscription will provide that for you. Remote assistance and diagnostics or an hour per month scheduled teaching/help.

  • Do you have an existing computer that you’re having issues with? 

  • Would you like a montly LESSON on anything computer or networking related?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the CHD Support subscription is for you. You do NOT have to be an existing CHD customer in order to take advantage of the CHD Support Subscription. You may utilize this to get a monthly lesson on Qortal, linux, or your existing computer systems or networks, and more. If you would like to learn something that CHD understands, we are glad to teach you!

Existing CHD customers will obtain a 15% discount on this service if purchased with a device from CHD.

CHD Hardware Subscription

  • Computer hardware from CHD shipped to you on a monthly basis.
  • Anything from prototype QORTectors, to single board computers, to storage devices or upgrades. Think of this as a ‘grab bag of random awesome hardware’ from CHD.
  • CHD laptops and pre-released (or unreleased) hardware devices are also possible.

Subscription Details

Support Subscriptions

CHD Support Subscriptions will include any IT support that can be done remotely, and up to 1 hour of 1:1 assistance to either learn something or resolve an issue per month.

If you have purchased a device from CHD, and also purchased a support subscription with your purchase, the time prior to the first payment (taken on the 15th of each month, AFTER the signup) is INCLUDED with your initial purchase.

If you are NOT a CHD hardware customer, and are subscribing for support on your existing hardware and/or to acquire a monthly lesson from CHD, your subscription officially starts on the 15th day of the month AFTER you sign up. If you would like it to start immediately, please reach out to CHD at the contact information in the footer of this website and let us know.

You do NOT have to be a current CHD hardware customer to subscribe to this subscription. It can be utilized for a monthly lesson on any linux or Qortal related tasks, or for remote support of your EXISTING HARDWARE.

Hardware Subscriptions

CHD Hardware subscriptions include any number of potential pieces of hardware shipped on a monthly basis. Hardware could include:

– QORTectors (either existing versions or prototypes)
– Laptops 
– Upgrade components (such as external storage devices, docking/power stations, solar options, etc.)
– Any miscellaneous hardware CHD finds interesting and worthy

This subscription is sure to be valued to any computer hardware and/or Qortal enthusiast!

Qortal Development Subscriptions

Qortal Development Subscriptions are 100% donated to the development of the Qortal Blockchain Project. Any and all donations will be given to support either Qortal services hosted by the community and developers that cost a monthly fee, or donated directly to Qortal development by way of the Qortal DevFund.

This subscription is a donation, which means nothing is promised to be sent to you. However, CHD has pledged to give random gifts to subscribers that reach certain amount or time frame thresholds. These thresholds are not set in stone, and are not guaranteed to be at any specific interval.

payment and shipping details

Subscriptions that include hardware will be shipped monthly on the 15th of each month. Payments will also be charged on this schedule.

If you subscribe BEFORE or AFTER the 15th, your payment will be made the FOLLOWING month’s 15th day, and your subscription will START on the following month after your first payment was successful.

If you are subscribing to a SUPPORT subscription and have purchased a device from CHD, the time prior to the first payment is INCLUDED.