Introducing Supporter Subscriptions

By implementing our ‘Supporter Subscription’ service, we aim to provide our subscribers with unique items they’ll love and Qortal products that they will enjoy, while at the same time helping the mission of Qortal in creating the new fair system for the people of the world.

The ‘Qortal Swag’ Package

The ‘Qortal Swag’ package will include a custom printed piece of Qortal merchandise every month. This could include anything from clothing, to flash drives or SD cards for backing up your Qortal wallet file.

The ‘Tinkerer’ Package

The ‘Tinkerer’ package includes an item from the ‘Swag’ package, as well as a new piece of CHD hardware every 3 months. Any piece of hardware we offer, or will offer is possible. 

The ‘Elite’ Package

The ‘Elite’ package includes anything from the two lower-priced packages every month, and EVERY new device that CHD releases, BEFORE it gets released on the website. This package is for the Qortal supporter who LOVES Qortal

The ‘Qortal Swag’ Package

  • A new piece of Qortal ‘Swag’ every month. This could include a T-Shirt, Hat, Mousepad, Keychain, 3D printed items, etc. 

  • Could also include small hardware like SD cards for backups, Flash drives, etc… randomly (a hardware component is not guaranteed monthly. The longer the person has been subscribed, the higher likelihood there will be for a hardware component.)

  • Other small Qortal-related items will be chosen at random.

The Qortal Swag package will come shipped in as small a box as possible, and shipping will be determined based on subscriber address.

The ‘Tinkerer’ Package

  • Anything from the Swag subscription package every month, plus:

  • A piece of hardware every 3 months. Upgraded power options, prototype devices, or newly released devices are possible. The longer the user has been on the subscription, the higher price the devices could possibly be. 

…no, not THAT type of ‘elite’… the ‘elite’ of Qortal lovers!

The ‘Elite’ Package

Anything from the Tinkerer subscription or below, every month, plus:

  • EVERY NEW DEVICE released by CHD before the device goes live on the website. (new releases are not guaranteed every month, but something of similar value will be sent.)

  • Newest upgrades and options for existing hardware (solar options, monitors, keyboards, mouses, network gear, and other random choices by CHD team for functionality or fun.)

  • Any other device or item created by CHD or the Qortal community at CHD discretion. This could include device prototypes, new concepts that are unreleased, and more.

The Elite package does NOT guarantee a new device every month, but you will get equivalent value items in each month’s box.

Supporter Subscription Details

Initial Subscription Beta Details

We will start the subscription service with a ‘beta’. This beta will be utilized to refine the subscription package contents, options, frequency, and price. After obtaining an initial group of beta subscription customers, we will start the subscription service. We will run the beta for a few months, with constant communication with the subscribers, to get a better idea of what they would like to see included, etc…

After the initial beta testing period, we will modify any details required, and open the service up to more people.

We will do our best to ensure that the subscriptions provide value for the customer, and make sense for CHD to continue. We will stay in communication with the subscribers to obtain any comments and suggestions in any aspect.

subscription Shipping and Frequency

The initial beta will be shipped MONTHLY (with a few exceptions). The ‘Elite’ package cannot include a new device unless a new device exists. If a new device does not exist for that month, we will ship another piece of hardware instead. The other hardware could be a prototype device, upgrade options for existing devices, or a previously released device (that the customer can give to friends/family, etc.).

We will do our best to ship in the smallest possible box in order to save on shipping. Initially the prices will include a ‘medium flat rate’ box, and will change based on the location of the subscriber.

We WILL accept subscribers from any country, just be aware that the shipments will originate in the USA, and therefore places that are further away will have a higher shipping cost. Our shipping rates will update automatically upon checkout, once the customer address has been put into our system. If there are modifications to the shipping for a given month, the modified amount will need to be taken care of in one way or another. If the amount is more, we will ensure that the added costs will be accommodated for in the subscription’s contents. If it is too little, we will send an invoice if the amount is enough to make it necessary.

Additional Details

The CHD subscription service as of September 2022 is a BETA service, and will be in beta until further notice. While it is in the beta period changes to any aspect of the subscriptions is possible. We will keep in active contact with every subscriber in the beta group via email and/or telegram/discord, and keep them informed with any modifications we plan on making, and take suggestions of changes from them as well.

…of course, if the subscriptions don’t interest you… Direct single Purchases are also available

The products below are the existing options available at CHD. Future products are on the way, including the QORTector Gen 3 with customizable storage and wifi options, and a merchandise store with customizable printed clothing.

QORTector Gen 2

The original QORTector device, Generation 2. Comes with 8GB of RAM.


The QORTector-KB, same hardware as the QORTector Gen 2, but with 4GB of RAM and built into a Keyboard.

QORTector case

If you would like to build your own QORTector, and would like to have our custom case, you can buy one from us.


QORTable is a portable, self-contained version of Qortal that requires no installation on Linux, Windows, and Mac computers.