Introducing CHD Upgrade

The concept behind CHD Upgade is simple. You send your computer to CHD , we do the work of turning your machine into a secure , linux-powered, open source loving machine with Qortal Automation . But there are more options as well!

CHD Upgrade can also upgrade your computer’s hardware (if you prefer), in multiple ways. Increasing the RAM , improving and/or increasing storage speed or space (or both), and removing or disabling as much of the built-in tracking and unnecessary nonsense installed by OEMs these days as possible*. CHD Upgrade takes your existing machine*, and makes it into a CHD-configured, longer-lasting and more responsive, open-source-loving powerhouse! With the assistance of Qortal’s totally secure infrastructure, you can now rest at ease knowing your privacy is protected, and companies like Microsoft are no longer recording every detail about you in their database.

Linux is known for outperforming and beating Windows on multiple fronts, from memory management to security to custom functionality and responsiveness , Linux is a vastly superior Operating System. Your days of random machine restarts during the worst possible times, crashing with unintelligible error messages, the greatly feared BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), and your machine running slow without reason (when your hardware is not the issue) are soon behind you

Let the
experts at CHD take your computer to the NEXT LEVEL with the available options from the CHD Upgrade service!

select one of the available packages, follow the shipping instructions provided in the email sent after your order, and let CHD give you the computing experience you’ve always wanted (one that doesn’t stress you out, gives you all the functionality you need , and shows you the true power of your computer’s hardware without the self-imposed slowdowns caused by software companies teaming up with hardware companies to attempt to force you into unnecessary upgrades.)

Choose your package

Multiple CHD Upgrade packages are available, including packages with HARDWARE upgrades as well as the basic OS installation and customization. There are also options that include setting up Virtual Machines to run Windows inside your Linux install, in case there is Windows-only software that you cannot live without!

Ship your machine

Once you have chosen your preferred package, simply ship your machine to CHD. Shipping instructions will be provided on the E-Mail that is sent to you AFTER your order has been completed.

Let us do the rest

CHD will keep you updated every step of the way, with the status of your machine, whether everything will be possible exactly as expected or if certain modifications to the package chosen are required, etc. We will then notify you when your machine is completed and being shipped back to you!

CHD Upgrade Packages

CHD Basic Upgrade

Package includes:

Linux Installation
Linux Customizations
Qortal Installation
Qortal Automation Scripts
CHD Recommended Software Installations
Simple additional software installations

CHD Hardware Upgrade

Package Includes:

Everything from basic package
Optional RAM Upgrade Options
– Optional SSD Install/Upgrade  Options
Additional Complex Software Installation Options


CHD Total Upgrade and Backup

Package Includes: 

Every Option of both lower packages
External 500GB to 2TB  Backup SSD
External 4TB Backup HDD
Backup of Existing Data on Machine
Optional clone of existing OS to VM
Additional Complex Software Installation Options
Additional VM Setup Options

Check each package link above for details – Every package has options to choose other than the basic package – Options will show up when adding to cart along with prices for each additional option. 

* not all BIOS on all machines will allow disabling ALL tracking (CHD will do everything possible to disable all tracking and unnecessary BIOS additions, but some machines will not allow disabling things like Intel Management Engine, etc. A full report will be given to you upon completion regarding which changes were possible and which were not ) Also, in certain cases disabling things like ‘Computrace’ tracking will not be possible at the BIOS level , however, with Linux as the Operating System, Computrace CANNOT FUNCTION. So even if disabling at the BIOS level isn’t possible , the mere installation of an unsupported OS for Computrace, makes the software unable to do its job tracking your machine .

*During the ‘beta’ phase of this service, only LAPTOPS will be allowed. Desktop machines are notoriously difficult to ship without potentially damaging them, and therefore are much more difficult to include in the CHD Upgrade service. Small desktop machines and ‘mini PCs’ may be considered CONTACT US  – ( Telegram ) OR ( email ) – if you would like to talk about sending in a small machine or anything else , and we will determine together whether it is feasible and makes sense or not.