Minting Nodes

Multiple different types of Minting-Enabled nodes are available. Starting at 20$ per month.

Minting-Enabled nodes allow assignment of 1 or 2 minting keys depending on the package purchased.

Both minting and non-minting node packages include various storage options as well.

no-mint hosted nodes

No-Mint Nodes do NOT allow minting to take place, but can be utilized for everything else on Qortal. 

These nodes are perfect for people who have a minting node already, but would like to have another node to use for other purposes, and/or not to have to worry about their minting node if it is using a very slow computer system, etc.

Utilizing a hosted node for the rest of their activity on Qortal also means that they could have a separate data node to ensure they have multiple copies of their data, by following their name on the hosted node.

Both minting and non-minting nodes come with multiple different data storage options.

Non-Minting nodes also offer ‘shared’ option that starts as low as 5 dollars per month. (NOTE – shared nodes do not guarantee that data will always be maintained, depending on the other user sharing the node, it could be that data is removed every so often to prevent the node from becoming full. If you would like to have your own node with its own set data storage, choose one of the non-shared packages.