Qortal No-Mint INDIVIDUAL Nodes (200GB)

$13.50 / month with a 5-day free trial

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CHD Hosted NO-MINT individual nodes 

These are nodes that are NOT shared with others, and start with 200GB of storage


Monthly charge – starts after 5 DAY FREE TRIAL. Monthly renewals will take place on the day the subscription took place.

These nodes are for NON-MINTING access to Qortal. They can be used as a DATA node, or a simple Qortal access node, but minting keys are NOT possible. See the Minting node options if you would like to be able to mint on the nodes. These nodes are INDIVIDUAL for each user, they are NOT SHARED.


Non-Minting nodes are for every OTHER user case of Qortal. Accessing Q-Apps, Q-Chat, etc… or use as a DATA NODE. Additional data is possible to be added, default amount of data given is 100GB, if you would like more see the other packages available.

All CHD Hosted Nodes are guaranteed to be online barring unforeseen circumstances.


Simply choose the options that are right for your needs, and sign up, then you will be sent an email with configuration instructions.

Every CHD Hosted node includes EASY setup, simply add a new custom node to your Qortal UI, and select it. No further configuration required.

Every CHD Hosted node is secure access via SSL-enabled Qortal Core connectivity. All traffic to the nodes is encrypted.



Nodes have many options, be sure you select the package you would like with options you want with your node. CUSTOM node hosting options are also available, if you would like that please use CONTACT INFORMATION at the bottom of the page, and REACH OUT.

‘Basic’ individual nodes include 200GB storage space. These nodes are NOT shared with others, they are individual for each user.

options exist to increase storage space, and increase the number of minting keys from 1 to 2 allowed to be assigned.

Rules and Details:

  • I will not use CHD nodes for anything I wouldn’t use my personal nodes for.
  • CHD will never do anything on the node other than maintenance and verification that the agreed terms are being followed in regard to number of minting keys assigned.
  • CHD will never check what the node is being used for, and has no responsibility for any of it. All data is my own responsibility and I agree to not attempt to make CHD liable for any issues regarding data published on CHD hosted nodes.
  • CHD is not responsible for keeping my minting key assigned, nor for removing any additional minting keys assigned to any nodes that were not agreed in the original order.


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