Rebuilt Computers by CHD

The new ‘Random Rebuilds’ service will provide rebuilt laptops and desktops for purchase. The rebuilt machines will include Linux OS customized and Qortal installed and ready to run. 

Linux pre-installed

Linux is a far superior OS for any computer. It is open source, and more secure than most other Operating Systems.


To save our users the hassle of installing Qortal, every Rebuilt system will include Qortal pre-installed and ready to run.

Security improved

Every rebuilt system by CHD will include as many security modifications as posible, including disabling Intel Management Engine.

Custom REquests

Have other software you would like installed on an available system? Like to have us find another system? Request it!

The FIRST Rebuilt computers are now AVAILABLE! See Below

Rugged Laptop – Getac V110G2

These machines are REALLY nice build quality, and can take a beating and keep on working perfectly. Great for off-grid people or those who are hard on their electronics. Upgraded, and very responsive.

5th Gen i5 5200U CPU – 4 compute threads
256GB m.2 SATA SSD (very good benchmarks)
11.3″ screen with 1366×768 resolution – TOUCH screen (works well)
Outstanding build quality – Rugged Design – built to last
Back lit Keyboard 
Ability to flip+lock into ‘tablet mode’
FAST wifi

Rugged Laptop – Getac V110G3

Very durable, small and compact machine with TOUCH screen, 6th Gen i5, and 24GB of DDR4, it’ll do anything you need in any conditions. 

Intel i5 6th Gen  (6200U) – 4 compute threads


256GB m.2 SATA SSD

11.3″ touchscreen with 1366×768 resolution

TWO Working Batteries and NEW Power Adapter

Back Lit Keyboard

Laptop – Dell Precision Workstation 5510

This is a VERY nice VERY fast workstation machine, with nVidia Quadro and intel GPU, 6th Gen i7 with 8 compute threads, brand new extended battery, brand new LED tip power adapter, and STILL manages to be thin and light. Would make an outstanding computer for just about anyone. (most of these pictures were taken BEFORE final cleaning/polishing, it’s even nicer than it looks in pictures.)

6th Gen i7 – 8 compute threads
32GB DDR4 
256GB m.2 SATA SSD
15.6″ FHD display
REALLY good performance, REALLY fast. 
Intel Maganement Engine DISABLED – TPM DISABLED – Computrace DISABLED

Low End – Low Price Laptop – HP Pavilion 15 Touch

A low end machine that will work for Qortal while keeping to a smaller budget. Has a 15″ TOUCH screen and has been fully tested.

Intel Celeron N2840   – 2 compute threads



15″ touchscreen with 1366×768 resolution

Working Battery and NEW Power Adapter with USB ports

Great Price