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Select the amount of RAM you would like.
Select the size of the main NVMe SSD you would like in your QORTector. (default 1TB)
Choose the eMMC secondary disk you would like
Would you like a DUAL WIRELESS 6 + Bluetooth card? (default: INCLUDED)
Select WIRED or WIRELESS mouse type
Choose the portable monitor you would like (default: NONE)
The default includes a 5v4a power supply. If you are going to be running a bunch of external devices, it is recommended that you upgrade to a higher amperage power adapter, or a GAN power adapter.
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The initial release will be the HIGHEST END OPTION. There will be 3 versions in the ‘X series’ at a later date. All of them will come with multiple additional customization options. Select the options you would like, default includes 4TB NVMe SSD and 256GB eMMC, with DUAL WIRELESS + Bluetooth

Choose the options you would like your machine to come with. Default is to include highest end options.

The first 10 orders will receive a free monitor upgrade! Including a 15.6″ foldable portable LED display. After that the default will NOT include a monitor, but everything else will be the same. Other lower priced series/versions will be coming in the near future. First 10 orders will also receive the initial sale price (200 dollars off regular price) – Use the coupon code ‘FIRST10‘ to leverage this offer.

This is the QORTector Gen 3 ‘XD’ (Xtreme Desktop) ‘Alpha’ (pre-primary-release) version. The reason it is an alpha is because it is prior to the custom built case and other additions that will come in time.
The QORTector Gen 3 is based on the Orange Pi 5, and the X series, including the XD (this product), are based on the Opi 5+. The Orange Pi 5+ is an amazing SBC.

An extensive amount of effort was put into the configuration and testing of these machines. The desktop environment is now UNIFORM across all CHD devices (aside from the Gen2 QORTector). This means that whether you buy a laptop or a QORTector-Gen3 (desktop versions) from CHD, you can expect to see a FAMILIAR DESKTOP INTERFACE AND USABILITY.

These machines are not just a Qortal node, (with fully automated Qortal installation that keeps itself running, updated, and within 1500 blocks of the chain height automatically,) it is YOUR NEW COMPUTER that is FULLY OPEN, FULLY SECURE, AND READY TO BE YOUR NEW MAIN SYSTEM. Not only that, but running on 5V (4A max) of power, the power savings VS any typical computer, even a laptop, is going to be significant. 🙂 These machines are what CHD was established to sell, they are exactly the machines that we have been wanting to release since the company was founded. 

These machines are VERY nice, and are actually fast enough to be a DESKTOP REPLACEMENT for most users. These machines are meant to be run as FULL DESKTOP MACHINES, with monitor/keyboard/mouse, and INCLUDES A KEYBOARD/MOUSE, and options for PORTABLE MONITOR, AND BATTERY to run everything in a portable fashion. (battery and solar options coming soon, once perfect options are determined. The battery used in the demo videos is not ideal for this purpose, and was just used to demo what is possible.)

Hardware is not ‘in stock’. This means that when you place the order, CHD will purchase the hardware, which will be shipped to CHD, built, then shipped to you. This means the turnaround time is at minimum 5-7 days from time of order to time of shipping. Can be faster, can also be slower. Updates will be provided as details are known by CHD.


This is the FIRST fully open source device offered by CHD. This means that every aspect, both the hardware and  software, are FULLY OPEN.
With this being the case, you can verify EVERY aspect of the device is doing only what it claims, and is only what it claims to be. This is essential to a future without hidden software and hardware that tracks our every move. This is a very exciting release for CHD, as the first fully open device!

These devices perform just as well as a typical desktop computer, they are FAR more powerful than the previous generation of QORTector. These can actually function as a FULL DESKTOP MACHINE REPLACEMENT.

QORTector Gen 3 XD Alpha (pre-release)

The QORTector Gen 3 ‘XD’ Alpha version comes with the following (by default, see selection options for more options):


  • 32GB RAM – awesome amount of RAM
  • 8 Core CPU @2.1Ghz
  • 4 x Cortex-A76(2.4GHz), 4 x Cortex-A55(1.8GHz) and separate NEON co-processors
  • PMU (RK806-1) (hardware-level performance monitoring)
  • Arm Mali-G610 GPU (built-in 3D support)
  • (up to)4TB NVMe SSD – VERY fast primary storage disk at 4TB in size. (Will use either WD Black, or Samsung NVMe SSDs.)
  • (up to)256GB eMMC secondary disk – secondary internal storage device for backup image and backup data 256GB
  • Dual Wireless card –  allows connection to one wireless network, and broadcasting another for ‘hotspot mode’ and more.
  • Dual 2.5Gbit LAN cards – VERY fast LAN, and TWO of them.
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports
  • 2x HDMI OUT – for multiple displays, and USB-C thunderbolt can do display as well.
  • 1x HDMI IN – HDMI input – very rare on any machine – ability to connect another device to the QORTector’s HDMI IN.
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • 1x USB-C ports
  • Fully aluminum case – fanless – case functions as a huge heatsink
  • built-in wireless antennas – antennas fold up and down on the sides of the device (see photos)

Additional Included Hardware:

  • Compact portable Mechanical Keyboard
  • Wireless (or wired) gaming mouse

Other Additional Hardware (available as add-ons):

  • Portable 1080P Display (Monitor) of multiple sizes available, 15.6″ version folds down into a case.
  • Portable battery and foldable solar panel options (coming soon)

Software Included:

(Not all installed software is listed, but the XD is a fully featured desktop computer. This means as well that the XD requires a Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor in order to be utilized in its primary capacity. Packages with these included will be offered as well in the near future. This initial offering is for the HIGHEST END machine, more releases will come as time goes on.)

  • Pre-configured Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop based on joshua-riek’s Ubuntu image
  • Customized Cinnamon Desktop Environment – a clone of the desktop environment utilized on CHD laptops
  • Pre-installed and automated Qortal installation – Qortal core will fix itself, always run, and keep itself within 1500 blocks of network block height automatically. No configuration or monitoring required thanks to CHD’s custom automation scripts.
  • All typical desktop software, text editor, office software, photo viewers and editors, and much more. A fully featured desktop computer.

Custom Software Installations:

These QORTectors are powerful enough to run open source AI (LLMs) as well as a Qortal Node, and are a FULLY FEATURED DESKTOP COMPUTER. These are meant to be STANDALONE DESKTOPS, and are actually fast enough to be A FULL DESKTOP REPLACEMENT for the majority of users.

  • Brighteon LLM with ollama open source LLM software, and ‘open-webui‘ for ‘chatGPT-like interface‘ to interact with the LLM – your own personal ‘AI’ built from fully open source software!
  • Various additional LLMs for assistance with tech and coding, and more.
  • Ability to access LLM from other computers on the LAN (or internet with port forwarding, suggested SSL setup first.)
  • Docker container software with open-webui container pre-installed and configured – run your favorite DOCKER CONTAINERS on the device!

Ask the Brighteon LLM about health matters, or llama3 or codellama about coding or technical tasks. Your own open source ‘AI’ running locally on your QORTector! (it is possible to access the language models from other machines on your network, but the Neo model must be running on the QORTector first. The codellama model is running automatically and accessible on port 3000 from LAN-connected devices.)

NOTE – updates to the LLMs must be performed manually, but scripts to do these updates will be provided as developed. Subscribe to CHD subscriber list for updated information.

ADDITIONAL NOTE – At the moment, the LLMs are not leveraging the GPU for acceleration, however, as time goes on this will be added as well, (and getting more performance out of the CPU/NPU). Development for GPU acceleration is still in its early days, and as such isn’t amazing yet. So we opted to wait on this. 

Since all devices sold by CHD come with the auto-fix script, which updates itself, this allows CHD to push additional updates to the devices if needed, without the end users having to do anything. When the GPU acceleration support gets to where it should be, CHD will update its customers and potentially be able to push updates out to the devices to add the support. 


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