Crowetic Cloud – Private Comms and Data

The Crowetic Cloud has a plethora of functionality, and is a replacement for Google Drive, Google Docs , Sheets, (office), Zoom (communications and conferences), Calendar, Contacts, Project and Community Management, and MUCH MORE! Tired of constantly worrying about Big Tech and what they are doing with your data? Worry No More! Replace it with Crowetic Cloud Private Data and Encrypted Communications!

Private Data Sync/Backup

With Crowetic Cloud you can sync data across multiple computers, automatically upload from phone (with mobile nextcloud app) and backup your data to a non-big-tech private data server run by CHD.

Encrypted Video/Voice Calls

Video Conferencing with a group or direct private calls are possible with the ‘talk’ application in Crowetic Cloud. Tired of Zoom and not knowing what they might be doing with your recordings? Drop Zoom!

Project/Community mngmt.

With the ‘deck’ app you can keep track of your project tasks, assign other users, and track progress and details. Stay organized and on the same page with the rest of your team with Crowetic Cloud ‘Deck’.

Much more! See Video!

A complete walk-through of the Crowetic Cloud can be found at the link below. There are far too many features to explain them all in text on the website, plus, videos are just more exciting! Check it out!