Qortal Donation Subscription – $25

$25.00 on the 15th of each month

First payment: October 15, 2023

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This is a donation subscription for the Qortal Project (https://qortal.org)

This subscription will be 100% DONATED to Qortal Development, or Qortal-related infrastructure.

This subscription will be charged automatically (unless canceled by the subscriber) on the 15th of each month.


For the price of a couple drinks at your favorite coffee shop, you can assist in building a free and sovereign digital future.


(This subscription includes the option for random Qortal-related stickers, and other merchandise to be shipped. If you would like to be included in this potential giveaway, please login to your crowetic.com account and set a shipping address!)

All subscriptions have the potential to include random gifts from CHD if your address is included in the crowetic.com account. The longer you’ve been on the subscription, and the higher the value of the subscription, the more likely for items to be sent to you.


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