custom upgrade




This is for the custom upgrades on 2 machines.


—– ASUS gaming machine —–

32GB RAM upgrade – ASUS gaming machine – 155

2TB nVME main disk upgrade ASUS gaming machine – 185

2TB SATA secondary disk ASUS gaming machine – 110

total – 450

—– Secondary Machine —–

secondary machine had too many issues, spent 14+ hours on it to no avail

opted for machine replacement.

Replacement machine – Dell Latitude – 15.4″ display – 1TB nVME SSD – back lit keyboard – 32GB RAM

Replacement machine cost (60% discount) – 350

1TB used nVME SSD upgrade – free

32GB RAM upgrade ( 75% discount)  – 40 

total – 390

Will not be charging for additional labor, as favor. If you like, can include Qortal dev donation


Will be shipping all original parts and original secondary machine back. Including secondary disk modification and components. Hopefully this will assist with the customs declaration. (broken)







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