CHD now comprises both Crowetic Hardware Development, and Crowetic Consulting. Services offered from Crowetic Consulting will soon be published on the new ‘services’ page coming soon to

Updates, Upcoming Releases, How-Tos

The CHD blog will be updated to include details on current sales, plans, and upcoming releases by CHD. Checking back continually will be a solid plan for those wishing to stay up-to-date on everything CHD related.

Want to know what the plans are with the next generation QORTector? Have questions about how to install something on your CHD laptop? Like to build a clone of a CHD machine and haven’t done so before? You’ll find all of that and more on the CHD blog.

Find Exclusive Deals

There will be exclusive deals posted here in the CHD blog (and on the Q-Blog clone of this blog which will be created at the same time.) These deals will be exclusive to the blog posts and will not be mentioned anywhere else. If you wish to find CHDeals that will be nowhere else, you will only find them on CHD blog posts.

Find Walk-thru and How-to Info

Here at CHD, our primary focus is making Qortal easy to access, and use. This focus comes along with quite a bit of additional focuses, such as making Linux the go-to OS for everyone. Therefore, providing easy-to-follow guides, and details on making your CHD machine, or your Linux-based computer function as solidly and ideally as possible, is extremely important.

People will not use a computer that they are not able to make fit for their expected use cases.

Check the CHD blog for many how-tos on various Linux-related issues/installations/setup processes, and of course Qortal related improvement suggestions, configuration settings, and more.

We are aiming to bring open source Linux-based computers to the forefront of everyone’s computing experience, and applications that utilize the Qortal Blockchain for security, decentralization, and unparalleled privacy and lack of censorship ability. The future is built open source, and the future is built with Qortal-powered applications.

Comments Welcome

Have suggestions on how CHD can improve its operations?

Have comments on anything CHD provides?

Having issues with something?

Simply make a comment on any of the CHD blog posts, and your comments will be checked/approved/replied to on a regular basis. Community interaction is a primary goal, along with customer satisfaction. We are always open to improving our operation, and to suggestions from our customers. Simply make a comment and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. Love my laptop you sent me-works like a champ-esp like that the keys light up when typing. Also, is qortal ready for me to use my 8G raspberry pi qortector again. I could not figure out how to reimage it so that it would work. I want to use it for my my node running full time for data savings, power

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