Can you find the Hidden Coupon?

There is a coupon for 15% off (hardware purchases only) hidden on this post somewhere.

Hint: It is a box, usually locked, sometimes filled with gold. The raiders love it, Vikings obsess for it, and pirates dream of the long foretold, buried sometimes with secrets of old.

Non-Hidden coupons for the Month of January:

10 Percent off any purchase of laptops or QORTectors of 600+ dollars, usable 5x before the end of January 2024. here’s your chance to get a big chunk off a higher end laptop and other hardware from CHD! – code is – 10off600


In celebration of the recent releases of Qortal, CHD is going to make another offer… Prototype QORTector Gen 3 Devices!

If you are interested in the QORTector Gen 3, reach out and we will discuss options and prices. When official release takes place, there will be at least 4 different models of the QORTector Gen 3. Here are a few ideas of what we are considering…

CHD has not yet come up with specific packages and their prices, so you will need to reach out and chat with us in order to figure out the costs. We are just excited about the Gen 3 QORTector and wanted to give people an option to order one in prototype phase.

All prototype devices will come NUMBERED and SIGNED by crowetic, making them into potential collector’s items in the future!

QORTector Gen 3 ‘X Series’

  • QORTector Gen 3 XD – based on the Orange Pi 5+ (five plus) with 16GB of RAM, 8 cores, and multiple storage options, this will be the first TRUE ‘desktop replacement’ QORTector. The XD will have up to 4TB main nVME SSD, and multiple other storage options for additional disks. It will have the option to have Wireless and Bluetooth, or not. It will be built with the same customized Ubuntu Desktop OS that CHD laptops are sold with, but built for the ARM architecture. This thing will be a VERY nice VERY low-power-use DESKTOP REPLACEMENT, FULLY OPEN SOURCE.
  • QORTector Gen 3 XR – All of the ‘X’ series are based off the Orange Pi 5+ – the XR will be a ROUTER version, with an OpenWRT-based (or if possible ipfire-based) ROUTER OS with MANY additional features. This of course will come with multiple network connections, and up to 4TB main storage. To be your Qortal Minting Node, and your main or secondary home internet router at the same time.
  • QORTector Gen 3 XM – The XM again Opi5+ based – this device will be focused on being a MEDIA CENTER PC. The Opi5+ has multiple full-size HDMI OUT, and HDMI IN, making it suitable for a media center computer. This edition will come with options for up to 4TB main disk, AND multiple additional USB and other internal storage options, with or without wifi+bluetooth, and a Desktop environment focused on Media Center usage.

QORTector Gen 3

The ‘normal’ QORTector Gen 3 will be based on the Orange Pi 5 (and potentially 5b, but we’re still considering that option.) The QORTector Gen 3 will be able to have up to 4TB internal Storage (on the 5-based model.) Many other options available.

  • QORTector Gen 3 (default version) – Orange Pi 5 based Gen 3 QORTector will come with multiple RAM and storage options. Not much larger than the raspberry pi 4, the Gen 3 will be a very similar device, but with many improvements. More RAM possible (up to 16GB), INTERNAL storage options (no need for external USB storage like the Gen 2), and more.

Reach out if you are interested in the above, or anything CHD has to offer. Here’s to a great 2024!



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