CHD has released the QORTector-Gen3 XD ‘alpha‘ – what is this?

The QORTector-Gen3-XD is the HIGHEST END SERIES of the Generation 3 QORTector. The ‘X Series’. There are multiple plans for the X series machines. The first of which, the ‘XD’, stands for ‘Xtreme Desktop’, and that is exactly what it is!

Since the QORTector concept, there were two main ideas behind the QORTector device. The very first, the Gen1, was a router. It was meant to be a router to the internet, as well as the Qortal Network. However, the early Gen1 boards were discontinued prior to CHD being able to actually release them fully.

The Generation 2, was the first fully launched and sold QORTector, and it was setup to be a desktop computer. However, it was never powerful enough to be an actual usable desktop replacement machine, compared to what people utilize for their typical main desktop or laptop machine.

Enter – The Generation 3 QORTector – Not only what the Gen2 couldn’t be, but also what the Gen1 aimed to become (with the ‘XR’ version coming soon…)

Since the borads being utilized for the X Series Gen3 devices is absolutely ideal for multiple purposes, why not create multiple different models from it? That’s exactly what CHD is planning!

The QORTector Gen3 X Series, will have THREE versions total.

The XD – that is released now, this is an ACTUAL DESKTOP REPLACEMENT, with up to 32GB of RAM, multiple internal storage options, DUAL 2.5Gbit LAN cards, and UPGRADABLE WIRELESS (or no wireless connection), The XD is actually capable of becoming a ‘main computer’ for MOST users. In fact, the system is likely more than what most typical users would need for a desktop computer, especially with the ‘alpha’ default setup, which includes 4TB NVMe SSD main disk, 256GB eMMC secondary disk, 32GB of RAM (with multiple options starting at 8GB), and dual LAN/wireless cards.

The XD alpha release, is also being test-released with MULTIPLE OPEN SOURCE LLMs installed. Including the Brighteon ‘Neo’ LLM released by Mike Adams. With multiple different LLM engines and interfaces, the XD will run any ‘llama’ LLM with ‘OpenWebUI’ interface, that looks and feels exactly like the interface of ChatGPT everyone is probably familiar with. However, with these models, everything is being run LOCALLY, on OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE.

Open Software AND Open Hardware – The Goal From Day One!

Since the release of the QORTector, the goal was always to have a system that was FULLY OPEN SOURCE. Both the HARDWARE and SOFTWARE. This goal has finally been attained with the QORTector Gen3!

The Gen3 is based on the ‘Orange Pi 5’ series Single Board Computers, which come in multiple models. There is the ‘normal’ Opi5, which is about the same size as the previous Gen2 QORTector, but with a different layout, the Opi5b, which has built-in wireless, but no NVMe SSD slot, and the Opi5+ (the board the Gen3 X Series will all use).

The Orange Pi 5 is a COMPLETELY OPEN SOURCE BOARD, bringing the original goal of CHD in releasing a system that is 100% OPEN SOURCE, to fruition!

Extreme Desktop performance, from the same power usage as the Gen2 QORTector!? No way!

Yes! That’s right, the QORTector Gen3 (all series, including the XD), run on 5v(and up to 5a, but normally 4a) of power, for a total of a MAX of 25W! These machines may be low power consumption, but they are not lacking in compute power! With an 8 CORE CPU, 3D capable GPU with up to 8K resolution supported, and built-in NPU, the processing needs for most users can easily be met by this small-but-powerful and feature-rich machine.

It is crazy to think that these powerful little machines could easily run on a FOLDABLE SOLAR PANEL and a decent battery. (This will soon be offered with all Gen3 orders.)

How Gen3 Release is Being Done…

As everyone who has been living in the same universe will realize, the last few years have been anything but ‘normal’. As such, the ‘normal’ way of handling device sales on CHD is also changing.

For this release specifically, and until further notice, the Gen3 QORTectors will be BUILT TO ORDER. Meaning, once an order is made, CHD will then order the parts, which normally take 1-3 days to be delivered to us, at which point the device will be built-out, and shipped.

We realize this may add a few days to the receive time by our customers, but at the moment this is the most logical way for us to make these devices available, and as such, we do not want to delay any further due to the lack of current ability to obtain in-stock hardware. Especially when the hardware can be delivered to our office within 1-3 days (average 2 days) from the time we order it, thus only adding 1-3 days of processing time to the Gen3 orders.

This will also provide less overhead and more potential profit for CHD, which if you’ve been paying attention since CHD’s inception, you will know that the goal of CHD is to donate 25% of company profit per month, directly to Qortal Development. Hopefully with this model we will be able to reach this goal more eaisly.

Stay Tuned – The Gen3 B series, and A series are coming soon!

Just because the XD was first, doesn’t mean that we don’t have plans for ‘lower-priced’ options. That’s where the ‘A Series’ and ‘B Series’ Gen3 come in. The A Series will be based on the Opi5, and the B upon the Opi5b. With the B series being the lowest priced, but also least able to be configured.

The A series will come with up to 16GB of RAM (potentially 32, depending on testing) – and a 1TB NVMe SSD primary disk. Further details will come soon regarding the other Gen3 series machines, as well as the other devices in the X series!

A small amount of detail for the others in the X Series below…

XD – Xtreme Desktop – The device currently available on – Desktop-replacement-focused device that takes only up to 25W total power and can be run on a small solar panel (and CHD will provide full kits with solar panel, battery, and more as well in the near future.)

XR – Xtreme Router – This is the concept aiming to replace the original Gen1 QORTector (and the namesake) – This will be a fully featured and extremely fast router, that should easily outperform 99% of the routers on the market. Most routers do not have hardware anywhere near as nice as the XR will, and hardly any are open source. The XR will be your gateway to the internet, and the Qortal Network in one, and with 2×2.5Gbit LAN ports, a fully featured router makes total sense. With one LAN port functioning as LAN, and one as WAN, the XR will have everything required to be a seriously powerful router for your network. Running OpenWRT, fully open source router software, and coming with multiple wireless options (or no wireless at all) and huge amounts of internal storage potential, this device could easily be your gateway to net, Qortal, and a local network storage device, and much more. Installations of Tor, I2P, and other security and privacy options by default, and much more will be setup on this exciting new QORTector.

XM – Xtreme Media – A ‘Media Center PC’ version of the Gen3 X, this device aims to be a full media center machine. Again with the multiple internal storage options (and leveraging external USB3.0 storage for up to 16 additional TB of space, or 8TB of mirrored data capacity) – the XM will be a sweet media center machine that will destroy your ‘smart TV’ in features, speed, functionality, and will not send data to manufacturers or require crazy privacy and usage policy agreements. The board has HDMI full size IN, which allows running any HDMI device through it, for recording and more. Allowing the XM to fit right in with the rest of your AV equipment and TV.

Check back soon for more details and updates, and see the Gen3 XD alpha HERE!



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